Indian Cops Confiscate 160 Kg Marijuana but Only Report 1 Kg while Selling Off the Rest

Four Delhi Police officers who confiscated 160 Kg of cannabis from a peddler in New Delhi allegedly reported only 1 Kg while selling off the rest.

Four policemen, including two sub-inspectors and two head constables, posted at Jahangirpuri police station in Northwest Delhi were suspended after they allegedly misreported the quantity of marijuana seized from a local drug peddler during a raid earlier this month.

Police said a raid was conducted by a team on September 11 from Jahangirpuri police station during which approximately 160 kgs of marijuana was seized. “But the suspected peddler was later let off after the personnel allegedly took a bribe from him,” a senior police officer said.

The suspended policemen allegedly reported only 1 kg of contraband and sold the rest.