Did Ohio lawmakers accidentally legalize marijuana? Top law enforcers say yes

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTHR) — Did lawmakers in Ohio accidentally legalize marijuana? Some say, yes.

On Wednesday, officials in Columbus, Ohio decided to no longer prosecute misdemeanor marijuana cases, 10TV reported.

City Attorney Zach Klein said the decision came after the state legalized hemp.

Last month, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed Senate Bill 57 into law. That bill legalizes hemp in Ohio, 10TV reported, and it changes the definition of marijuana to exclude hemp.

The issue is that the only way to determine the difference between hemp and marijuana is THC level. A THC level of .3 percent or less is hemp and legal. A THC level of over .3 percent is marijuana.

The problem is, most, if not all, crime labs in Ohio can only detect the presence of THC, not the quantity of it, according to 10TV.

Without a test to determine THC levels, it would be nearly impossible to go after any marijuana-related cases in Ohio.

So for the time being, marijuana has been legalized.